Major Areas of Research

  • See research laboratory web-site:
  • High performance parallel & distributed computing and Supercomputing.
  • Eco-modeling, in silico macro-epidemiology, and bioinformatics.
  • Parallel, distributed, web-based constructive and virtual simulation.
  • Dynamic multi-scale/multi-resolution modeling & parallel simulations applied to wired and mobile communication networks, VLSI design, and bio-security.
  • Cognitive, web-enabled cyber weapons and associated human factors.

Ongoing Research Investigations

  • Conducting research in clustering and de novo assembly of cDNA fragments from next-generation, high throughput sequencing technologies. Findings from the investigations have been incorporated into a software suite called PEACE ( PEACE includes a versatile Java-GUI to manage and control our assembly & clustering engine developed in C++ to run on supercomputing clusters.
  • Investigating multi-disciplinary approach to develop geographically optimized, heterologous vaccines for emergent diseases, such as swine flu. Conceived, designed, and implemented a software system called SEARUMS (, an eco-modeling and bio-simulation system that embodies our methodology.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of cyber weapons to induce changes in cognitive states of adversaries. Architected and developed a distributed software system to serve as a Cognitive Cyber Weapon Selection Tool for DoD-components to aid in cyber defense operations.
  • Investigations to enhance a real-time, multi-modal, parallel & distributed simulation environment called OPENEAAGLES ( used by multiple directorates in US-Air Force. Our efforts have matured into a comprehensive book for use by software architects and software engineers (ISBN: 1-60797-019-8).

Research Assistants Needed

I am looking for committed and enterprising graduate and undergraduate Miami Universtiy students to work on research projects.